The War on Death

The following is an introduction to a series of articles that Petrene Soames will publish during her War on Death Campaign. Interested parties, please feel fre to make contact.

Are you afraid to die? Afraid of death? Does death for you mean the great unknown, the great nothingness? Perhaps you have a mental picture of a utopian kind of place? Many people believe that in their moment of dying all will be revealed. Is this how you feel? Wouldn’t you like to know now?

You might have already heard of “near death experiences”, people leaving their own body, passing through a tunnel of light or darkness, and then coming back to this reality with a life change experience. What is death? We all agree that Death is not an end by itself. But we surely don’t want to put ourselves in risk to have our own “near death experience”. Progression therapy is the key to your answers.

I named the project “War on Death” because I feel it’s time to remove the veil of ignorance which we romanticize surrounding the issue and concept of death. The world en-masse is in need of re-realizing what life is, after a forever disconnection, and the deep sense of isolation that exists in all individuals. Death is not an absolute.

I feel it’s time to bring down the walls, the lines and the barriers. The keys are here and now. Time is also not an issue, or a fixed reality.

Fifty volunteers will be selected nationwide and will be transported forward in time to their last conscious moments in their present life. They will then be shown how to let go of this life, and see and experience themselves what comes next. The purpose is to film a documentary involving the fifty volunteers and their death experience stories, and to make available to the world some further information on the “death” issue. The technique I will be using is called “Progression”. The technique is not new, it has been used by Masters-Avatars and those working with higher spiritual aims since time began. Many people have gone forward to times of their choices and some have chosen to move through their death experience, present and past. “Progression” is on a parallel with “Regression”, the experience of past times and lives which has become a lot more documented and accepted over the past twenty years. I work with both and earned credit as the first to successfully take two people forward in time on live national television. I do not use hypnosis in either Regression or Progression therapy, there is absolutely no danger, only enormous benefits of life changing proportions.

Life and death are in my experience the same and are filled with countless different realities, dimensions, and life forms. Clients who have passed through their death experience repeat positive changes such as greater control in their life, peace, calmness, greater focus, keener perception, and cessation of fears.

When you really know about death, it brings the question: “Is there life before death?” You see, it is up to you – the creator, the artist, the movie producer – to make it so.

The War on Death Campaign continues: Update…

The month is May as I write and we have filmed around 30 people so far. The work is fascinating. On May 24th, I presented to the A.R.E. of Houston a lecture centered around Death and Living issues, and showed a 10 minutes video compiled of extracts from a few of the volunteers. We discussed fear of death issues. I ended the presentation with a group of 70 people going to the end of their lives and experiencing death for themselves. I was pleased with the outcome and from the feedback I received. The audience was too. The Houston Chronicle has expressed an interest for one of their staff to participate in the program. I look forward to their participation. I have a waiting list of volunteers, there are however still a few places. If you would like to volunteer or know more about the program, please contact me. At the end of the year, when we have all the material, we will then look at the direction for the program to be used, i.e. television, newspaper, magazines, lectures, etc. [Update July 2000: Petrene has a video of volunteers participation and is open to ideas for positive use of the material.]

To close this brief note, I would like to add a few extracts from written feedback received from volunteers who underwent the death experience:

“I feel very good, lighter, more aware of the world and myself. I have a little different perspective of things.” Carol at blanche at

“I don’t know if changes in my thought patterns can be attributed to the session but I find I believe completely that our minds do in fact create our reality. In my business I’m stepping back more and looking at situations, much less emotionally involved. Certain things that would have annoyed me or caused me to be angry, now do not evoke those emotions anymore. I seem to see things from the perspective of one who is just along for the ride, even if I am involved.” Toni at sicigie at

“I have been in the mode of thought to question what I have traditionally believed. In fact, I have been searching for a way to validate what is true without having personal or cultural bias corrupt my perception. I approached “The Death Experience” as an opportunity to explore my inner self. Admittedly apprehensive at first, it was very pleasant. I feel the need to do more in-depth self-journeys.” William at manganet at

The War on Death Campaign continues…

In January 1997 I felt very positive about the campaign and work that was taking place with the war on death project. I was confident that in 1998 Death would be much more topical not such a closed and taboo subject that it has been in past time. Happily this is the case. In 1998 there are many more books coming out right now on the subject so many alternative approaches to the subject of death and to the care of the dying. At the beginning of the year it was almost surprising at just how many magazines were devoting large spaces to the subject and interviewing those involved in positive research and alternatives. I read an article about Elisabeth Kubler Ross – a pioneer in many ways there is no doubt regarding death and dying – where she has urged for reform and change in the care of the dying. Now she is facing her own death experience; it draws steadily nearer and she welcomes the experience.

Last year we filmed a number of volunteers nationwide and with the use of Progression therapy took them to the end of their present life and into their own death experience. We catalogued the experiences and received much positive feedback from all who took part and were involved, many felt that it had been for them a positive and life changing experience. There were even a few who changed their lives in positive and constructive ways because of what they had seen during the session. As therapists it was rewarding to see that much of what we had known and felt about death was confirmed by others.

The volunteers ranged in age groups and backgrounds, also from different religions and believe systems. I feel that in the future this collection can be added to, so I am therefore happy to offer this experience to ethnic groups such as North American Indian, Eskimo, Aborigine etc. If this is you, please contact me.

Meanwhile what to do with the collected material? This is something that has been put on hold for the time being. I feel that there is no hurry for the work to be concluded. It will have – I believe – its own time, place and purpose. Things generally do. The media have been so far very disappointing in their reaction to invitations sent to them inviting them to send colleagues to travel forward in time to future events and then to report their findings. We have had a few proposals but nothing serious has materialized. I have myself progressed forward into the future and the realms of technology and medicine. Imagine the good that can be done and the answers that can be found! You would think that this would make news, but it does not. This is a little surprising isn’t it? Do we really have real press that let us know the news and what is going on out there or are stories and headlines focused on sex scandals of world leaders? Thing are moving now very quickly, so anything is possible! We always expect to be pleasantly surprised.

During the filmed sessions, we had a grandmother who – in simple ways – said much for the possibilities involved in the experience. She was a very family oriented person and was nervous and hesitant about the idea of death as she could hardly bear the thought of being parted from those that were close to her and that she loved so dearly. She was extremely happy to find that death did not mean the end, that there was no separation, and that she could still be close to guide, help and influence those around her after death just as in life. It gave her as it gives others: much hope and joy about life, a new way of looking at life after we have experienced death.

I would like to repeat once again that the sole intention of the war on death campaign is to break down the barriers created by the fear and ignorance surrounding the still relatively unknown subject of death.

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