The Thyroid is the gland located in the base of the neck that secretes two hormones that regulate the rates of metabolism growth and development in the body. Have you noticed how many women there are in the US who have been medically diagnosed as having a problem with this gland and many of them are taking medication to rectify the problem?

As a healer I have some interest in the subject as I would estimate that one in two women who comes to me aged forty or over is one of those statistics. I have noticed some similarities in these women’s lives: many of them are at some crisis or at least turning point in their lives, they may be considering changing or ending certain work or career situations and/or also changing or ending a particular marriage or long term relationship. In general these women are not happy for one reason or another and I have noticed also that many of them are also suffering some form of depression and have been prescribed some form of antidepressants.

I have found positive change and results with women who experience a session of Rebirthing with me and perhaps healing and even past time or life release work. There also will be sessions where the women speak about their hopes and fears and problems. They often find this useful as an outsider can bring an unbiased viewpoint. It appears that as these women start to dig down and uncover then heal and release their problems and issues, that the body also heals and goes back into balance.

I saw a client just this past week who herself had come off both antidepressants and thyroid medication and had just visited with her doctor who could find nothing wrong with her and had to admit that she was in good shape and that the thyroid problem had been regulated and was no longer a problem. I would very much like to hear from anyone out there who has any facts and figures or interesting personal story to relate involving problems with the thyroid. Meanwhile I do intend to step up my own research until there is enough data to justify concrete conclusions.


From Carla, via the Internet – Sun, 13 Sep 98
After reading your Questions and Answers in your latest newsletter in regard to how you have noticed many women in the US who are being diagnosed with having problems with the thyroid gland, I would like you to know a lot of these problems are caused by the ingredient aspartame, aka Nutrasweet in Diet Soda and other Diet products. I stumbled across this when I was trying to search the Internet for information on why I could not gain any weight. Aspartame may cause people to either gain weight or lose weight, along with other very nasty symptoms such as grand mal seizures, blindness, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, joint pain, the list is endless.
The problem here is if an ingredient is approved by the FDA, people think it is safe. If you want to read more about “Nutrapoisen” you can go to the following web sites that I found quite helpful:


Or just do a search for “methanol poisoning”. I hope you find this helpful.

Update: Much information is presently circulation and available now on the Internet about synthetic sweeteners and reported effects..

March 1998

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