First Published in American National Single Register – May 1996

I have been featured regularly on Television, Radio and National Press. I have a weekly radio program where listeners phone in, relationships is one of the prime areas that I am asked about. I take great delight in being able to answer questions on relationships because the whole thing is very simple. The truth is you can be happy, you can love and be loved, and there is someone out there for you.

The first thing you need to identify is, do you have any past negative patterns? Or emotional blocks concerning either childhood or previous relationships, relationships of any kind? If the answer is “Yes”, clear them, heal them, abd realize them. In my experience the best two ways to do this are with either Rebirthing sessions or Regression sessions. You need to know your worth and value, and then you can expect the best that you can possibly have, this is really quite simple. We are all beautiful, perfect, and worthy deep inside; we just have so many layers of pain, denial, and conditioning covering this beauty. Face your fears about yourself, it’s time. This is the first major step. Next it’s a matter of sending out the right signals, I recommend a simple affirmation which works. Simply repeat and have this thought in your mind, say it out loud, or write it down form time to time: “I am now ready to meet the best possible person for me at this time.” If you are clear and ready, you will. It’s only a matter of time.

Believe this, it will be so. Your higher and inner self knows exactly what it needs at any given point in time. To love and be in love is a magical part of our lives, it is there for us all, be open, and expect the unexpected. It may not always take the shape and form that your logical, practical mind imagines, but love is there for you. Expect and allow joy, beauty, and magic in your life. “Be you”, this is the most attractive thing that you can possibly can be. And to be attractive is after all what we all want. Be OK about being alone, if you are looking for someone to support you, solve your problems, make your life good, then you are not ready for the best that you can have. So, know yourself as well as you possibly can.

The brief points that I have mentioned are tried and tested, they will work for you, so take heart, lift your spirit and get ready to change your life.

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