Rebirthing… Removing Negative Blocks and Patterns

So you want a new relationship, want to find and have love in your life. The good news is that you can have this, there is someone out there just right for you at this time. To send out the right signals to attract the best possible person for you to be with, you need to be clear from any past negative relationship patterns, anger, pain, and trauma. We build up negative emotional baggage through different experiences in many different ways. Do you feel that life and happiness eludes you, that you can’t have what you want, that you are not attractive enough, clever enough, confident enough? Do you have a low self opinion? Do you walk into relationships where you are always the care taker, where you are emotionally hungry, where you are abused, don’t ask for or get what you need? Do you feel like you have a weight on your chest, a hole in your stomach? Do you overeat just to feel safe? If the answer to just one of these questions is YES, than a rebirthing is for you.

You can change your life, and have the reality that you dream of. It took you a while to build up this negativity but with the right approach and therapies you can clear yourself in a relatively short time.

Rebirthing is about to let go, to be healed, to be free, and to be new.

Rebirthing is about connected breathing. It’s about being in a safe, warm, comfortable space; dim lights, gentle music, not unlike a womb. It’s about letting go in your own time, and in your own way. For some it will be to cry, for others to be angry. It may be quiet and gentle, but it is about tapping into those past contained feelings of anger, pain, and fear, and letting them go. Can you imagine the relief?Can you imagine to no longer be afraid, to not hurt anymore? Like a sponge you gather and store experiences, and never get to really release. Well, rebirthing is about releasing, to let go, to be healed, to be free, and to be new.

Rebirthing is a powerful tool which works. As a professional rebirther, I generally recommend one or at most two sessions. Other rebirthers may work over a series of sessions. A session generally last around one hour and a quarter. As well as feeling new, energized, positive and confident, you can look towards feeling whole, feeling the wonder and greatness of you.

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December 1996

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