Pathway to Self-Healing

Extract from a lecture at the Whole Life Expo – Austin, TX – September 1996.

A few weeks ago, Patricia came to tell me her story. She had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Over time she used self-healing techniques, positive thinking, and had taken help from various other therapies. She had changed her diet and lifestyle. Very recently she visited her doctor, was tested and given the “all clear”. Her cancer was gone. Patricia had a lot of courage, she fought back, she had a lot of self belief and she took time to work on herself. At this point in her life no one was more important to her than her. The result was remarkable but not more than to be expected. Self healing works.

Illness is being unaware. It can go back to different times, places and events in your life. With a little practice, you can get in touch with yourself and discover the roots of the illness. Self belief has a lot to do with this process; you do indeed have all the answers to your own questions. If you don’t have self-belief, have a look at why not. What events have made you disbelieve in you, and go away from yourself. Trace these events and deal with them. Many therapies such as Rebirthing, Regression, Psychic or intuitive counseling, spiritual healing and cleansing are here and available to you. self-healing works not just with basics such as headache and pains, but with life threatening illness such as cancer, aids, etc.

Self-healing and personal growth are one in the same, and we all have access to it. Why are you not healing and clearing yourself? The reason is quite simple: we don’t take time for ourselves. We always put ourselves on hold and don’t take notice or action until we have an actual problem, even then, we let things really build up before taking our own situation into account. It is very easy to get caught up in life and with others. It is a lot harder to take time out, heal and clear yourself. It is quicker to take an aspirin when you have a headache than to ask yourself where is this headache and tension coming from, than to sit down, locate the pain, and build up of tension, and deal with it yourself, perhaps sending some healing rays and colors to the painful area. Remember the quote “healer heal thyself” each time you take an aspirin.

Self-healing and you

In order to self-heal, it is important to be aware and in touch with your chakras or energy centers. Below is a diagram of some of your chakras:
It is common to refer to Chakras within healing, paranormal, spiritual, and psychic discussion. Chakras are also known as energy centers. We are referring here to 5 chakras:

  • Spiritual, universal connection: crown chakra, located on the top of the head and above.
  • Third eye: Forehead
  • Communication center: throat
  • Heart center: chest
  • Emotional center: stomach

To become aware of these centers follow this simple exercise:
Close your eyes, take a long slow deep breathe from the bottom of your stomach. Imagine that your stomach is wide open, that there is nothing there except a big empty space. Take your time and feel how your stomach feels, what kind of color do you perceive it to be? It will be different at different times. If you perceive any nervousness or negativity in this center, just send bright light or place your hand gently on your stomach until it is calm. Repeat this exercise with each one of the chakras clearing any blocks with bright light.

Positive healing colors universally accepted can be yellow, gold, blue, silver, orange, lilac, and purple. Color vibration works in the healing process as we are all made of color vibrations. Use your own feelings and intuition to feel which color a particular chakra needs. Enhance your life, begin to think in color.

Meditation – clearing the mind – at the end of the day is a valuable tool, a way to relax, to let go of everything that has built up, and that you carry forward with you. There are many meditation techniques available, a simple one is using a cut faceted crystal. Focus your attention on one small spot within the crystal, let your mind relax and say clearly to yourself: “Now I am letting go of everything I no longer need”. You could also simply visualize all your thoughts and emotions that you don’t need in the shape of a large balloon and just let it go high above the universe. There are many simple ways to clear your mind and emotions. If you do clear and express yourself, things won’t build up and create illness in your body and your life. We all need to feed our soul as well as our body and mind to achieve real balance. This could mean listening to a beautiful piece of music, to study a flower, a beautiful picture, or to walk in a quiet place, whatever feeds you and makes you feel satisfied on an emotional and soul level. Be prepared to release the past and move on. It is only a matter of time before you are well, there is nothing magic happening here. It is the ability we all have being put to work.

Positive thought power works. Expect the best and you will draw the best to you. Those who are constantly fearing illness and disease can draw and create that reality for themselves. So keep your thoughts on the highest possible levels. Why should you be ill? Why should you suffer? If you feel that you do need to suffer or be punished, sit down and look at it clearly. Where does it come from? If you are ill, have a firm thought that you will become well. Keep this thought clearly in your mind each time you work upon yourself, isolate the problem and send healing energy – color and positive thought – to the painful area of your body. Each time you do, you are another step closer to becoming well.

Preventative action is always time well spent. Be aware and you will not become ill. Take time to feel in touch with nature and with yourself. Diet is important, but you can also eat what you want and stay well, only if all else is in balance and if you really realize just how in control of food and your body you are. For those who are not so in tune yet, it makes sense not to over do the hard fats and sugars, to be moderate with alcohol and to keep to a varied balanced diet. However guilt plays a big part in our relationship with food. There is no point or need to feel guilt if you do overeat sometimes on chocolate, cookies, etc. If you are afraid of gaining weight you surely will. Rest also is important. Having adequate sleep does not necessary means getting adequate rest. How many go to bed, sleep and wake up in the morning feeling exhausted? This is common. What happens is that you don’t clear your mind, and it’s still working – thinking about work, problems, the every day life – while sleeping. We also astro travel at night, we visit many different people, places, dimensions, and realities, gathering all that we need. If you wake up feeling exhausted, here is a simple remedy: when you go to bed, and you really need to rest, tell yourself firmly: “Tonight is for me, for me alone. I put all else aside, I will rest and heal”. Try this and see the difference.

Crystals can be used in self-healing, they have individual vibrations and energies. They also magnify the energy that you use and send during the healing process. Some crystals commonly used for self-healing are: clear quartz, rose quartz, sitrine, aqua marine, and lapis lazuli. I would recommend the ones which are in natural form, not the cut or polished stones. Try placing the crystal on the affected part of your body. To look into this subject even more, you might purchase a book on crystal healing from a good bookstore. My new book The Essence of Self-Healing has a section on crystal healing and much more!

Remember, you have access to unlimited healing energy. Before you begin to work on yourself, imagine the top of your head – the crown chakra – is open, and draw down healing light and energy through your body and into your hands and fingertips. This is your very own universal connection.

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