Looking through the Sun

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The hand does not ever wear jewelry neither rings nor bracelet. This is because anything that would be placed on it would detract or confuse the very special beauty that this hand has… in fact that both hands have. The tattoo on the hand is a focus, and for some it is an adornment. It is more beautiful than the most precious diamond because, when you look at it carefully, you see that in the face of the moon there is a mirror, and as you look into it you can see and be your own true self. This is a pleasure and relief for all that look at it, the coming back to one’s self.

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I remember a number of years ago laying on the hillside of mountainous Wales in the United Kingdom surrounded by silence, with the occasional visit from a sheep, looking into the sky and arranging, rearranging cloud formations. I was later to discover that this practice is a marker in the passage of the aspiring metaphysical adept. I smile as the process is very simple, a mere though away in fact. Why does everything have to be made so difficult, when indeed it is so simple?

Distinguishing marks I have on my right hand a tattoo, it depicts the Sun and the Moon and beside a growing Vine. I had this drawn on my hand in India, around thirteen years ago, long before Tattoos became acceptable and fashionable in the way they are today. I just felt very strongly to have it done then. I realized some years later that the picture acted as a catalyst for many people.

They would look at my hand and then look at me. I would watch them then wander off in their minds to other times/places/realities and dimensions.

Many reported to me that it was a reminder to them – in someway – to get out of the everyday and to remember who they were, to remember that things are not only as they seem. It was also interesting how some people who could be around me on a daily basis – even for years – would never notice the tattoo, until it seemed they were ready, until they slowed down and stepped out of time.

Around six years after having the tattoo, I was alone in the Arizona desert. I was led to a hot place, the midday sun was fierce. After walking for sometime I stopped to rest and sat down. I found myself sitting at some kind of monument, a very special place as I learnt later. As I looked into the sky I was quite amazed to see the Sun and the Moon together side by side just as they are on my right hand. I was wearing a pair of sunglasses, an inexpensive pair bought more for style and fun rather than for any real protection. The thought entered my mind to look through the Sun, followed by a little voice, which said: “You can’t do that! It’s dangerous! You could go blind!” I quickly checked within myself and knew that this was not so for me. I looked and with my mind traveled through the Sun, and then realized that both Sun and Moon are communicators, doorways to other places. The world, the sky with its Sun and Moon, and all reality as we know it appeared as a giant’s artist canvas. It was at that time for me an exciting realization, not new but profound nevertheless.

Recently while sunbathing in my backyard, I mentioned to someone about looking through the Sun, and was stopped by the intensity of the immediate reaction and the spoken words! “You can’t do that! It’s dangerous! You could go blind!” I remembered then various stories about people looking at the Sun and indeed going blind. I ask myself why should it be so and why does it happen in that way. I realize that those people did not move through fast enough, they did not change their own vibratory pattern, as we would say today. Simply they did not believe enough in themselves. The going blind was a penance, a punishment for having tried to look at something prohibited, basically their own god.

There is a point deep in our mind locked into the belief that the Sun is the bringer and giver of life, providing all. Without it we are lost. I am not suggesting that everyone should go out and look through the Sun, but I do feel that it’s time to have enough belief in yourselves, and to be aware of what these deep ingrained concepts and beliefs do.

The Sun and the Moon may be there indeed as tools for us to use. Besides their great beauty and sense of wonder they inspire in us, they can also be of very practical use on our own journeys of self-awareness and realization. It is just a matter of dealing with the small voice of romanticism, which says: “You can’t do that!” Each and every one of us needs to question this voice. I feel that all can move on and realize even greater wonders.

If you are not ready to look through the Sun, or if you do already, just face the Full Moon and ask in your mind the question for a needed answer. Keep the question simple, ask one at a time, and keep your mind open to receive the answer. Then turn your back and let the answer come through the back of your head to the front forehead. Finally realize how you obtain the answer and let go the front and back concept of how we access answers and knowledge.

NOTE: Petrene does not recommend to stare at the sun, but to look through with sunglasses. It should not take more than a couple of seconds.

May 1997

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