10 Top Tips for a Paranormal Year

If you are tired of having an “OK” year, and once again it promises to be usual, normal or even a boring one, here’s how to wake up, get tuned in, and experience all of those things that you only dreamed of. Remember, wealth, health and happiness are waiting to happen.

1. Understand time. Stop wearing your watch.

Give yourself the gift of time and get in touch with your own natural balance and flow. Stop wearing a watch for at least two weeks, and take ten minutes each day to sit and be still with yourself. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply from the bottom of your stomach. Let your thoughts come and go. Soon you will become in touch with you and your own speed. You need to do this if you want to start consciously creating your own reality. Use time to notice things and develop your awareness.

2. Accept the powerful being that you are, and know that you never make mistakes.

Start liking and believing in yourself. Every day repeat: “I am a free and powerful being”. When others don’t give you what you want, give it to yourself. Stop trying to be perfect. You already are. You have inside of you everything that you need to have a wonderful life. So start letting it out.

3. Make space for the new, unexpected and amazing.

Give away, throw away or sell everything that you no longer need, or that’s broken. Clean out clutter. Be tough! By doing this you will make room not only in your house, but also in your life for the new and amazing to happen. Clear out clutter regularly. This is the start of something big.

4. Decide to see auras and view life clairvoyantly.

Stop trying to see auras and colors and start thinking in color. Ask yourself often what colors are people around you being. Really look. As you start to think in color, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing in color. Make a point of looking at people and objects as if for the very first time. Clairvoyance (clear seeing) will follow.

5. Get to know yourself, your body and use your abilities to self-heal.

What is your body trying to tell you? Listen to your body and believe in your own answers. Use simple exercises like the ones in The Essence of Self-Healing and repeat every day: “My body heals, clears and balances itself”. Stay fit and active. Always treat your body in the best possible ways. Self-healing means know how and self-belief. Start believing in yourself.

6. Create your reality; make things happen. Who needs predictions?

To make things happen, see yourself having all that you want and need. Know without any doubt that you do deserve these things, and that life is not meant to be a struggle. Repeat each day: “I draw easily to myself all that I need.” Firmly decide that there is no room for pain in your life. Allow yourself to dream and daydream, and know that you can and do make things happen. If your zodiac sign horoscope predicts a bad day, go for the best predictions and be another zodiac sign for the day.

7. Realize that nothing is ever only as it seems.

There is no such thing as good or bad luck. These are only expressions for a reality and series of events that you have not studied yet and understood why things happened as they did. Start to examine without becoming paranoid even the smallest events in your life and notice how one connects with another. You will be amazed at the perfectness of everything. Even traumatic or negative situations contain real positives for everyone. Decide to look at all situations from many different angles.

8. Meet the alien in yourself and others.

Move away from a limited and fixed reality viewpoint and start to see the alien in yourself and others. Sit facing a mirror with soft lighting. Relax. Breathe deeply. Simply look into the reflection of your eyes. See how your own face will begin to shape-shift or even disappear. At some point, you will see the part of you that is alien. As you get used to viewing in this way, you’ll be able to do this automatically with others just by looking, without a mirror. You can perceive all that they ever have been and have yet to become as well as the alien. Use this exercise twice a week for 10 to 30 minutes.

9. Start contacting loved ones who have passed on. Time travel is simple.

You have the abilities to contact those who have passed on. Death is not an end, or a barrier to communication. Stop letting your fear and doubts veil the process. Sit opposite an empty chair while holding a picture or articles belonging to the person you want to contact. Imagine that your mind is wide open. Talk to the departed as if they were here and be open to receiving thoughts or pictures from them in your mind. Practice, practice

10. Find simple ways not to get stuck, caught up, and bogged down

Learn how to let go. Remember that you are a dynamic, constantly moving, changing, unique and multi-dimensional being. Each day can be amazing. You need to let go on a regular basis. Repeat each day: “I am letting go of everything I no longer need”. And mean it. Lay on the floor on your stomach. Imagine that stress, tension, and unwanted thoughts and feelings are washing away from you like a flowing river. Use this exercise at the end of each day. It takes 10 minutes and will positively change your life.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be amazed of what the Paranormal Year will bring you.

January 2001

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