A Choice to Heal

Time and time again we have observed the body’s own healing mechanisms. For example, when we cut ourselves or suffer insect bites, our body heals with little or no outside help. We also hear many stories of people who have recovered from “incurable” diseases against all odds. Without a doubt, our body has its own self-healing mechanisms. We may have been told this in a vague and abstract way, but few of us have explored this truth in depth. Although there are people who successfully use self-healing, at the present time they are a minority. Two simple reasons illustrate why this is so. First, as individuals, we have been subjected to conditioning that makes us doubt the fact that we can heal ourselves. We are often discouraged by the belief that self-healing is a difficult or complex process or that strict regimes must be followed to ensure success. Second, although we might suspect that we all have the inner knowledge of how to heal ourselves, we may still believe that it is beyond our comprehension to access this knowledge, imagining we must undertake a journey of many long years in self-study. So instead, most of us stay ruled by our own fear, shame and pain.

Self-healing is not a major part of our world because we give it little space and accept many different concepts, percepts and beliefs instead. In order to accept healing, wholeness and perfect health, we will need to recognize our responsibility for the presence of imbalance within our lives and ourselves.

Challenging our thinking

Much of our reality has been created and endorsed by philosophers and scientists hundred of years ago. We look upon them as “great thinkers,” never presuming that we have the mental capacity to go beyond their established thinking. We learn belief systems, theories and facts and are rarely invited to challenge them. Few of us ever do. It is understandable that, with our conditioning and acceptance of what we have been taught, only a few people truly open their minds, explore their own awareness, and discover realities beyond the limitations of what has previously been thought. Often people tend to accept that “there is nothing new under the sun.” This is not necessarily true, and can be viewed as a mental block that prevents us from seeing beyond it. It’s important that during the self-healing process we recognize these blocks in our thoughts, beliefs and creativity. Through the true and real answers that you have within yourself, you can open the doorway to your own limitless realizations and realities. After all, there are no real experts on what is real and what is not, only a billion different opinions. And yours is as valid as everyone else’s.

As we move into the third millennium, our thinking will be challenged again and again when we see that great seers and prophets from the past have predicted much that does not actually take place, and that scientific and medical hypothesis are no longer considered true. Our perception of the world is not fixed and the scientific theories that explain it are constantly changing. Who can we begin to believe then? We will have to turn inward and begin to believe in ourselves and discover all of which we actually are. We can then begin to realize that suffering is not our only path or duty. It’s more like a record that has been played over and over. But there are other tunes to play. Venturing beyond our present time and our present beliefs about who we are, we still have much to discover about ourselves. Teachers and helpers along the way can and will be found, not only from the outside, but also within ourselves.

When we view our world as it now appears, we can travel the depressive, but also realistic, route. Millions of people still exist in poverty, even in affluent societies. Over twelve million children in the United States go hungry, and many of them are homeless. Ignorance and violence thrive as does war, which it would seem is a vast source of entertainment on television. But we can also choose to look from another perspective. So much is changing every day. The most wonderful things are happening. Advances are being made. Illumination and love is thriving in even the darkest of places.

Communication has expanded. Subjects that were once taboo are now being more openly discussed. Millions of people want positive change and are prepared to work to that end for themselves and for future generations. We need to seriously ask ourselves now: Do we want positive change in our lives, to be happy and whole, to love and be loved, and to experience joy? Do we want to experience the fulfillment of our potential? Are we ready to heal?

What is illness and imbalance?

Illness and imbalance are a conscious choice, and there are many different reasons for making that choice. Such an affirmation may be very difficult to accept if you have a loved one who is dying of cancer. But as you stay longer with the process of unraveling the mind and the emotions, you will see that it is so. Imbalance can be a desired way of being and as useful to us as balance itself. It is our choice to decide how long a state of imbalance lasts. We have the answers and the knowledge within us to restore balance to an imbalanced state of being.

To say that illness is the result of imbalance is a quick answer to a very complex, and yet at the same time, simple subject. We will need to go further into ourselves, beyond anything written or thought, before we can discover that after all there are no imperfections, only differences. We have become biased towards the view of imperfection being bad, rooted deeply in our minds within concepts that have truly never been our own. When we look at the idiosyncrasy of past and present geniuses, all peculiarities appear to be forgiven and understood when viewed in the light of their often spectacular offerings to mankind. In our present, differences are being explored and integrated, even held up for our inspection and understanding. Differences and imperfections are no longer now so often ignored, but rather valued, and slowly integrated into that great and colorful mass of matter which contains thoughts, emotions and experiences, and that each one of us, as individuals, lends ourselves to, making up together the wonderful thing which we call humanity and reality.

Believing you are perfect and have the power to heal is a fact waiting to be accepted. It is also a feeling and a knowing that you will need to let grow. You will also need to become aware of and examine the origins of anything that tells you otherwise. This is the first basic step in taking back your own power and knowing you have a choice to heal. Remember that no established thoughts, facts, figures, or even millions of other people telling you differently are more real or valid than this statement: You have the choice to heal and, furthermore, you can heal yourself. Now, the only thing stopping you from healing yourself is belief, commitment, making decisions, and knowing how. This is an exciting prospect.

Back to simplicity

Simplicity is a valuable tool in our self-healing process. Modern medicine and science might lead us to believe that the healing process is highly complex. There may be truth in this also, but we can focus on simplicity and have it work for us. It is wonderful to expand your vision and your awareness to watch the healing process taking place. It is wonderful to realize the simplicity, as well as the complexity of the emotions, times and events, which led you to your initial choice of illness and imbalance. For, as you look closer, and become more aware, you will see the interconnectedness of everything. During your self-healing work, keep things simple, because they are. Choosing the path of simplicity does not mean that you label yourself, or will be labeled, as nave. On the contrary, it means that you are aware enough, and trusting enough of yourself, to realize that simplicity is an important and very real pathway to follow.

Simplicity will work time and time again where complexity often fails. For example, if you ask yourself: “Why do I have a pain in my shoulder or cramps in my legs?” and you feel and receive the answer, “Because I do not feel loved and cared for, I am not receiving enough attention from those I love,” accept this answer, as it may well be as simple as that. This answer may also be true for far greater and more complex illnesses and imbalances. Work with the simple answers you receive and follow through with your own simple actions. There is no need to look for problems when they often do not exist, although it is easy to slip into complex self-diagnosis as well as seek outside diagnosis and theories. At the same time, do not allow yourself to become over anxious about aches and pains, or even bigger problems, when you know you are already dealing with them. For now, it is important to remember that we have a choice. During your experiences with self-healing, you may hear a little voice in your head saying: “It cannot be that simple!” But the truth is: Yes it can!

March 2001

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