The Truth about Cats

Published in The Indigo Sun – October 1996

Calling all cat people! Do you realize that you are just that little bit more special, intuitive, sensitive, generous and tuned in than non cat people? Whether you are a cat owner, helper or lover, that connection with our feline friends is something quiet remarkable. Have you thought about or checked your psychic abilities, dreams, or healing powers lately? Maybe it’s time you did. For sure you will be presently surprised. Cats come from a very special place and reality in the cosmos.

Maybe you have traveled there or heard about it. Did you know there is a very old story and it goes like this: once cats ruled the earth, they were the caretakers. They were a lot larger than the domestic cat of today. They lived in sumptuous surroundings, palaces and other grand settings. They were very fussy and fastidious and enjoyed life on a grand scale. They had but one negative trait: they were lazy. They did not oversee the workers well enough and the planet fell to pieces. They were banished and lost their magnificent place in the scheme of things.

Much time later cats are here again. This time man is the caretaker of the planet for good or bad, and cats are here to help us. They still enjoy comfort and luxury. It is a part of their nature. The most comfortable chair in the house, a warm fire to snooze in front of, indeed the most tender morsels suit their palate, and how they adore to be stroked, tickled and caressed. But this time they really do take part, they execute their role well.

How often have you been upset and your dear cat comes to you and positions itself comfortably on your stomach, the seat of your emotions? After a brief while, the emotions calmed and soothed, you feel so much better.

I work as a professional psychic, healer, and therapist. Cats always work with me. When clients enter the house in any kind of pain, my cat always heads for them. Cats are very psychic. If you listen to them, they talk. You can communicate telepathically without too much problem, just try. Of course cats are also in tune and communicate with other beings on different levels and other dimensions. Just watch them looking at things that you do not perceive at present. Cats generally find you. So when it’s time for a cat to be a part of your life, it will happen and you will find your cat in just the right way and place. Cats are here to remind us and help us in so many different ways. Once you start, you may well look at yourself, your cat and that special relationship in quite a more positive light. In fact you may well realize that you and your cat are indeed purrrfectly suited.

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