I spoke with a professional stunt man recently who makes a living jumping out of planes and falling from high buildings, and he too admitted that he is always afraid before the act. Is there anyone truly fearless, and completely without fear? I do know that many handle fear well and appear to be in control. We all probably know someone who does. But what about facing our own fears?


Fear keeps us paralyzed and stuck in a way of being and a place where we exist but do not live. Time passes by in our life with little or no joy. Fear exists, it can’t be denied. Doing so only puts it on hold. Fear is there to be faced head on, to accept and then rise above. Fear comes in many measures, very large, very small and anything in between. It can make you feel hot and cold, makes you feel like you want to hide, make excuses and do anything rather than face whatever the present obstacle of fear might be. Fears don’t need to make sense. They can often appear quite ridiculous once we start facing them. Yet they bring very real feelings.

To face fear and let it go is the hardest thing in the world to do until you have done it. Then comes the sense of relief, of triumph, and of strength. Facing our fears – even small ones – allows our self-confidence to grow, giving us a greater sense of self and of who we really are. It helps to talk about fear, even to write things down.

Talking to others and letting them see how vulnerable you feel can also be a very positive move, breaking down the macho archetype that we try to pretend and live up to in our culture. In turn doing this gives everyone the opportunity to be kinder and more sensitive with each other.

How about starting a group in your area and call it “Facing your fears”? Get people together and talk in productive ways. It will certainly beat talking about the weather and other mundane topics! Together we can find the answers, as we know and understand ourselves. We will begin also to know and understand others, finding that, after all, we truly are all one, just each of us being a different aspect and expression of that one self. Such a commitment is a real step to changing our reality into a positive one and to seeing that beyond fear, there is another world.