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About Petrene Soames

A brief introduction...

Born in England and widely traveled, 53 years old, Petrene Soames now lives in The Woodlands TX USA. Petrene has been called a Therapist, Healer, Consultant, World Class Psychic & Paranormal Expert, Radio/TV Talk Show Personality, Author, Speaker and much more, but more often than not, Petrene Soames is simply called "Amazing".

For over twenty years Petrene has been a leading authority in Healing , Self Awarness, and Multi Dimensional Reality. Her Unique practices and insights which are drawn from every realm of human sciences studies and beyond, have helped countless numbers of people worldwide. Petrene's public radio and TV appearances have helped and inspired millions more. To date she has appeared on over thirty five TV shows, over two hundred Radio shows, has over a hundred published articles, is the author of "The Essence Of Self Healing" How to bring health and happiness into your life, "50 Ways to Fix Your Life" and "The Process". She is the producer of The "Positive Thought Wakeup Cards".

As a motivating and Inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator Petrenes goal is to help people take control of their lives, their health, and their reality. Giving them the tools and the opportunity to discover and express the unique and amazing persons they truly are. Her message is simple and clear "I am amazing" "You are Amazing too" If you don't truly know this then let me help you and let the magic be.

As a veteran Radio and TV Talk show guest both in the USA and Europe Petrene has dazzled audiences with her incredible powers (she is the first and only Progression therapist to successfully transport subjects to the future live on National television without any use of hypnosis.)

Petrene Soames - a paranormal expert - is in a class all of her own beyond New age and other concepts. Her work is devoted to "you" the individual bringing answers, deeper understanding and awareness by cutting through perceptions and concepts and stepping out and beyond the limited reality that we perceive ourselves to be in.

Currently Petrene offers personal and group sessions via telephone mail e-mail in person and also 7 to 10 days intensives for individuals at her Woodlands retreat. Petrene also offers many workshop options, courses and lectures are available check her world renowned on line "Healing and Psychic Development Course" Petrene travels to other USA states and regularly to The UK and Greece to present workshops and schedule personal sessions, if you would like to invite Petrene Soames to your country or State, ask a question or make a suggestion please e-mail Petrene directly at ps@petrene.com or call 281 363 9983.

Wherever you are in your life and within yourself, Petrene Soames can help.
She also offers simple effective tools, treatments and sessions that work.

What others are saying...

"Andrew Balkin"(reporter) has a mysterious experience. Barley looking at me Petrene begins to get visions and thoughts and proceeds to reveal a host of ideas that I thought were my deepest and darkest secrets…Apparently not.

"Paul GonZalez,UBN Radio Network "I had a very interesting conversation with Petrene on Saturday that was very impressive, I don't normally have psychics on this program, but Petrene Soames is in a class all by herself, I have no problem with saying that the time I spent with you on the phone on Saturday to say the least was mind boggling"

"Petrene is the most benevolent being I've ever encountered; her willingness to share her vast Knowledge in an understandable way transcends the norm. She cuts through traumas in an instant, that would otherwise take years to work through in traditional therapies." Annie Austin TX.

"Your healing sessions have changed my life; more specifically you have allowed me the opportunity to embrace who I truly am. Furthermore you have provided an incredible source of true transformation to awaken me to the full capacity of my Essence." Shawanda Hibbler, Montgomerey Texas.

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Our bodies work perfectly well by themselves, when they don't it is because there is something or something's that we are suppressing or avoiding. This may be emotions, a situation, or unfulfilled needs (sometimes for some of us being ill fullfills a need) from a recent or long distant past time in our lives. When we are born with bodies that do not work properly it's the same, so we will need to look further back to other places and times in our experience to discover and resolve what we have suppressed or avoided before and have brought with us into this time.

Time and space have no distance and we are in no way limited by time. Time is simply a concept that we all agree on in this reality so that we can each appear to be here, together in the same moment and we can also create meaning and an order of things in a limited way in our world.

Accidents are not random, they are carefully and exactly calculated by ourselves the part of us that we believe we do not know well or at all. (we can know this part of us with practice) We create accidents to happen, to catch our own full attention and to bring us into the present moment, so that while there, we can and will perceive consciously where we are really at and what is really going on with us, around us and in our lives.

Accidents are often painful as we use pain to wake us up and get our attention, we have been using pain this way for a long time but it is actually an overused tool and there are other ways of staying awake and getting our own attention. You can learn these tools with Petrene Soames and Self Healing.

About The Essence Of Self-Healing

Focusing on the aspects of health that can be controlled, this guide to self-healing encourages self-confidence and empowerment. This book champions self-healing as a fresh alternative, exploring the reasons behind the tendency of many people toward self-sabotage, how one chooses to be ill, and how one can likewise choose to be well. It takes the approach that humans are not victims of illness and pain, but conscious participants in a reality that they can change, a realization that can lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Including practical advice on how to say no to illness and pain, how to heal the past and break negative patterns, and how to lose weight, keep it off, and feel great, this book encourages taking charge of one's health and well-being.


In The Essence Of Self-Healing: How To Bring Health And Happiness Into Your Life, Peterene Soames provides the reader with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use techniques and exercises to promote personal health through the process of "self-healing". Readers will have a much clearer understanding of why they get, out of balance, and out of shape. They will learn to so no to illness and pain, to stop being negatively affected by others, and to bring positive results even when everything else (including traditional medicine) has failed. They will learn how to heal the past and break negative patterns, lose weight, keep it off, and feel great about their bodies. The Essence Of Self-Healing is very highly recommended reading for those who are interested in exploring the mind-body connection regarding issues of personal health, students of alternative medicine, and anyone seeking to improve their personal, emotional, and psychological well being.

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - - [From Amazon.com]


Impact in my life is tremendious. There have been so many changes. I fought change every step of the way. I could deal with my comfort zone and didn't want to disrupt this most coveted zone. Time was my biggest enemy. I applied the principles as best I could, I wasn't always a success, but I didn't quite. I still have a long way to go, but my successes with this book have made a big difference in my life. I highly recommend you buying this book, applying the principles, and enjoy the change. If change is not what you are looking for, give this book to a good friend.

Doris Taylor (Houston, TX USA) - - [From Amazon.com]

About 50 Ways to Fix Your Life

This is a wonderful workbook, something that is such an easy read that you almost forget that the insights and teachings the author has imparted can impact your life dramatically!

I loved "breathing with color" for example, I understood how to read auras, I know how to give myself the gift I need from time to time.... almost everything I've read in the book was more than useful. I loved the lessons "having it all" and "going beyond" as well.

What the author does really well is to keep the language non mystical (which is quite difficult, actually!) and in very simple, workable ways give you some "things to do" that literally change your life for the better. A must read, and I'd say it has started changing things for me already. Thank you, Petrene Soames!

Siddharth Deshmukh. Author of The Map that Matters - [From Amazon.com]


This book is comprised of self-healing exercises and techniques, which are based on the many workshops the author has conducted. It is well based on actual experience with groups of people. A specific exercise for each of 50 different aspects of life's difficulties are described. The exercises are simple, easy to follow from the text, and can be practised by anyone at home, or in any convenient place. These exercises tackle such challenges as: what makes you happy; working through loss and grief; healing the past and forgiving; choosing beyond fear and negativity; hands-on healing; no more loneliness; finding love; and many more of the challenges we all face on our life journeys.

This is a valuable reference book to keep and use many times over, allowint the user to focus on whatever problem is current at the moment. It is also useful for teachers and workshop leaders interested in self healing activities. The writing is clear, with easy to follow instructions for each exercise, most of which can be done in a short amount of time. It is reader friendly and will help many people towrds a happier, more harmonious and balanced life.

Ruby Millar Abrahams. Author of At the End of the Day: Positive and Creative Aging After Midlife - [From Amazon.com]

About The Process - 21 days for Transformation...

A unique opportunity to cause and create a "positive shift" and change in your thoughts, your emotions and your life. A system featuring New Dimensional Art, Positive Thought Cards, and Journaling.

Where do you want to go? Where will your journey take you? "The Process" is unlike anything you have experienced or tried before. It's something you "do" easily for 21 days ; it takes only minutes a day, yet its profound magic brings change and shifts that you could not have previously imagined.

The Process is going to be talked about for a long time yet. This is your own personal opportunity, and your own private retreat. This is THE gift to give yourself; once experienced, you will want to gift "The Process" to everyone you care about.

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