1. Don’t make New Year resolutions.

Don’t make new Years resolutions on the first of January. Simply decide that it’s going to be a brilliant year, and that you are open to positive change and be ready to do whatever it takes to feel and look great. When you make New Year resolutions, you set yourself up for failure; being positive once a year is not enough. It’s a continuing effort, state of mind, and being.

2. Love and accept yourself just as you are.

It is vitally important to love and accept yourself just as you are now and not strive to be perfect. You are perfect already. Love you and life now, without waiting for what you hope to become.

3. Give yourself time.

Stop wearing your watch for two weeks. By doing this you’ll reconnect with your own time. This is vitally important if you want to create your own reality. Time maybe all you have that’s really yours. So use it and enjoy it.

4. Spring-clean your house – Make space for the new.

Give away, throw away or sell everything that you no longer need, or that’s broken. Clean out clutter. Get tough! When you do this in your house, it makes room also in your life for new and amazing things to happen.

5. Spring-clean your habits – Dare to be spontaneous and different.

Let go of old habits that no longer work, and that you no longer need. Dare to be spontaneous and different. Magic will happen and you’ll get a whole new look at your life and yourself.

6. Listen to your body.

If your body does not look or feel great, ask yourself why and then listen to, and trust your own answers. No one knows better than you. Your answers may appear as thoughts, dreams, pictures, or even colors and symbols.

7. Bring color into your life.

Wear beautiful color. So what if it’s winter? You don’t have to blend in with dreary seasons and other people. Chose colors that give you something and make you feel great.

8. Breathe color, feel recharged and lose weight.

Think color and breathe color all through your body taking long slow deep breaths. Colors are vibrations and building materials. Feed yourself with color. Give yourself what you need. Breathe color and break the comfort eating habit.

9. Say “No more pain”.

Say “No More Pain” and mean it! This applies to your body and to your life. Start looking at your life in a different way. You are the director, the producer, and the actor. It’s your movie and your reality. So decide that you are going to make it great, with no room for pain.

10. Stop trying to be perfect, you already are!

The imperfections that you see in yourself are only one very small facet of a multidimensional being. You can switch facets any time you choose. Realize that you are perfect and that you never make mistakes. View life from this stand point and develop real awareness.